AyAMi was founded on the principle of lowering home ownership costs for the entire population with the mission of being honest and always looking out for the best interests and outcomes of its clients. We are starting with the up to 2% cash bonus offer for our home buyers around Shoreline Connecticut and will expand our services in near future to additional geographic areas and further to home sellers, existing home owners, landlords, tenants, and others.  

3 Factors that Make AyAMi Unique

Giving Back

AyAMi gives back to local communities!

We will match charitable donations! If you would like to donate all or portion of your rebate to a charity, we will match 25% of any donations that are $5,000 or more. Ask us about our list of approved organizations or let us know if you would like to add a new charity to our list.

AyAMi holds annual fundraiser events to support local communities and global charities. Let Us Know if There Is a Charity You Would Like Us to Support!

AyAMi’s Founders organized and held a fundraiser at their residence in April 2022 to support victims of the war in Ukraine. They raised a total of $3,600 exactly, including their $500 match and distributed the funds in May 2022 to two charities based in Poland. The Little Big Man Foundation received 11,000zł ($2,494), which is the largest single donation and ~10% of all the donations the Foundation received at the time, to support Ukrainian victims. The Polish Medical Mission (Ukraine Project) received the remaining 4,881zł ($1,106).

The Little Big Man Foundation’s goal is to help and support children in orphanages and the organization is focused on delivering that help to children in Ukraine and young Ukrainian refugees who ended up in orphanages in Poland. All of the funds that they raise are used to either purchase items (primary goal) or equip orphanages so they can accommodate more children from Ukraine.

The Polish Medical Mission (Ukraine Project) provides medical assistance for hospitals in Ukraine. They send transports with medical supplies to hospitals throughout Ukraine.

Stay Tuned for this year’s Fundraiser! Let Us Know if There Is a Charity You Would Like Us to Support!